Twitting by SMS now in India with AirTel

Twitter the fastest growing micro-blogging platform with social networking feature now landed its SMS service in India with AirTel. India become the 5th country in the world to enjoy this service.

Now you can post to your updates to twitter by sending sms at standard rates (max Rs. 1) and receive other's tweets for free by using AirTel sim card.

If you are new to Twitter; register for it by sending: Signup to 53000
If you are already using twitter and want to link your phone with your twitter account send: Start to 53000
For more text commands click here.

If you are not using AirTel service don't worry ; twitter will be available on your Vodafone/Idea/Reliance..... mobile just after one month as the contract is exclusively with AirTel for 4 weeks.

Earn money by Twitting, less effort more bucks

Twitter is micro blogging platform which have integrated social networking feature. Twitting is much easier than blogging and search engines more often crawl and index twitter updates. Big companies and celebrities jumping to twitter, to keep in touch with their customers/fans.

Monetize Your Twitter Profile:
The bad thing is that you can't place your adsense codes on your twitter profile. Here I am giving some websites which will pay you for twitting.
How Does These works:You have to sign up and place your profiles on one of these sites >> advertiser catch you by your timeline/ number of followers/ topics etc >> you post occasional tweets about the advertisers >> you get paid by paypal.

Tips on Increasing Twitter Followers and Updates:
1.Integrate Twitter with friendfeed and allow it to publish your online activity.
2.Integrate Twitter with facebook to publish your status message.
3.Another easier way for increasing followers count is . You have to just follow other quality members and other member will follow you. It is very simple and you can increase followers count very fast. If you don't want to follow others, then become a paid member. Get more twitter followers by .

facebook username is coming ; get ready to grab your name

Facebook the world's largest social networking website is going add a great new feature >> the username.

It will be another major update since last month, now onwards your profile will shortened and will easy to be remembered.

Now it will be like,
You will be able to to choose your username after S12:01 a.m. EDT (9:31 a.m in IST, indian standard time ) on Saturday, June 13. You can only choose a single username for your profile and your username must be at least five characters in length and only include alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9), or a period or full stop (".").

This is totally on the first come first serve basis. So just grab your desired username before anybody else takes it.

To register your username go to>>

Will facebook lead orkut in india too ??

orkuters auto deleting all your link scraps

Orkut developers deleting scraps that contains rich contents. Yes that's true. So sending style font scraps, photos and videos to your friends is worthless.

I used to send birthday wishes to my friends via scraps. For this I was using a ready-made HTML script containing text, image, flash file and link to my blog at the footer.

But since last one or two months I didn't get a single "thank you scrap". Astonished by the result I started checking there scrap book , I found my scraps was not there.

I stared searching orkut help forum and found that other users also facing the same problem. The scraps are automatically get deleted and goes to your spam folder. From the spam folder you can mark it "not spam" so that the scrap can be restored or you may "delete" it permanently. This also applies to community posts also and the rich text threads can be found in community spam folder.

Although it is a good idea as it protects and keeps you orkut profile clean, but bad also as we can't have more fun.

Download and save orkut ablum photos; No need of Right Click, WonderfulHACK

As orkut developers change the code of orkut site, now you are not able to save photos of your friends. But not to worry as I am here; The simple firefox trick can do the magic.

The new code is good to protect your own photos. No body can download them and can't miss use them as mentioned before.
But this makes headache if you want to download your college photos, birthday party photos from your friends album and reload to your album. (headache for evil purpose also)

To save orkut album photos you must have to use firefox browser.
In firefox login to orkut and go to the the desired photo page which you want to download. In firefox menu bar (see photo) select Tools >> select Page Info >> select Media >> scroll Up/Down to get protected photos address >> select save as >> you are done , the image will be saved in your computer.

UPDATE:: Just drag and drop the photos to your desktop and to save orkut album photos to your hard disc ( works on both internet explorer and firefox and other browsers )

Welcome to the new domain; we are moved to new address 301 redirect

Hello Dear readers; welcome to the new .com address. We are now out of blogger

As you can notice that is now
Finally I have managed to purchase a custom domain name name from domain registrar. It was my dream since two and half years to purchase a TLD .com to point my tech blog but I was not able to do so because I don't have a credit card. But now I got the power of innovatory ICICI Online banking by which I have managed to purchase the domain name from Thanks a lot to my friend Amresh Das for his support.

I was not able to write any post since I was busy in optimizing posts, widgets, SEO factors for the new

Keep visiting
and thanks for your support.

Gmail updates: Labeling and Archving goes Easier

Gmail is the most favorite webmail service. The best feature of its is labels. Now Gmail have New ways to label with "Move to" and auto-complete options.

Many of the users don't know the use of labels. Labels do all the work folders do and give you an extra bonus: you can add more than one to a conversation. Once you've created a label, you can view all the messages with that label by searching, or by clicking the label name along the left side of any Gmail page.
Now Labeling goes better by adding a option move to in the gmail folders as you can see in the image. official post.
If you are going to archive mail under one or more labels , you can do t directly by just selecting "move to". Also there are keyboard shortcuts 'l' and 'v' to perform these actions easily. Learn more from the

Get wordpress self hosting blog without paying for hosting and domain

Now you can get the wordpress self hosting ( blog without paying neither for hosting nor for domain.

The free version of wordpress blog ( has limited function, that you can't custom the blog template according to your need nor you can't install adsense ad codes to get some bucks.
The full potential of wordpress can be utilized by downloading the software from and installing it in your server. But most of the server will suck you.
So I recommend you to go for which is totally free and have sufficient disc space and bandwidth to meet your demands. And also it is better than as in 110mb you can't opt in for MySQL.
Follow the steps below:-
Step1: Go to CO.CC and regisster a free domain like or you can purchase a TLD like or you can chose the free domain by zymic like
Step2: Register with
Step3: Down load the latest version of word press from
Step4: Create a SQL database , user and password in zymic control panel (under MySQL Database Management )
Step5: Extract the wordpress .zip file and then rename the file wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php .
Step6: Open the file wp-config.php in notepad.

Step7: Edit the 4 marked places with your MySQL database details.
Step8: Save the file wp-config.php .
Step9: Rename the entire wordpress folder to public_html.
Step10: Delete the entire public_html folder inside zymic hosting space.
Step11: Upload The public_html folder from your desktop to zymic hosting space by using filezilla software.
Step12: Now open the file to set up your username and password for your self hosted wordpress blog.

Search only india govt websites; Better than google search

If you are going to check your board result or your passport status ; then either you to remember the exact URL or you have search the internet to find out the desired link. And it is hard to get the exact one. But now you can refine your search results by only getting official websites list of indian govt which are informatory and non commercial.

This problem has been solved by Mr. Sasidhar by the help of Google custom search. Your serch result will display only official website links related to your querry which is free from undesired commercial sites.

So next time you are trying to get the govenment sites go to rather than