orkuters auto deleting all your link scraps

Orkut developers deleting scraps that contains rich contents. Yes that's true. So sending style font scraps, photos and videos to your friends is worthless.

I used to send birthday wishes to my friends via scraps. For this I was using a ready-made HTML script containing text, image, flash file and link to my blog at the footer.

But since last one or two months I didn't get a single "thank you scrap". Astonished by the result I started checking there scrap book , I found my scraps was not there.

I stared searching orkut help forum and found that other users also facing the same problem. The scraps are automatically get deleted and goes to your spam folder. From the spam folder you can mark it "not spam" so that the scrap can be restored or you may "delete" it permanently. This also applies to community posts also and the rich text threads can be found in community spam folder.

Although it is a good idea as it protects and keeps you orkut profile clean, but bad also as we can't have more fun.