Get your blog post twitted or shared on Facebook automatically.

This is a simple trick to go viral on Facebook or twitter. I will go directly to the trick. All we have to sign up a Twitterfeed account and create multiple fake accounts in twitter and facebook. The more no of accounts you open the more your posts will be distributed.

Go to your Twitterfeed account enter you blog’s feed URL then enter your every fake twitter and Facebook profiles. You have to log in and log out with all your IDs.

Follow instructions by Twitterfeed. If you face any difficulties feel free to ask by commenting on this post. That’s all.

The next time you post any article on your blog it will be posted to all your accounts via Twitterfeed and you will get a number of free tweets and likes instantly.

How to put smiley emoticons, photos, animated letters, memes onFacebook chat and comments

I will start will regular emoticons  which are officially supported by facebook. These simple smileys work both on chat and comments on both desktop and mobile site.

Here is the complete list of facebook icons listed below. Just type the short code in chat box and hit enter to get the animated smileys.

EmoticonShortcut codeNotes
(^^^)Shark with sharp teeth out.
<(")Penguin looking to the left.

:|]Robot face.

:)A happy smiley face.

:(A sad and frowning smiley

:PSticking tongue out.

:DA big grin and laughing.

:OShocked and surprised.


B)Nerdy smiley with glasses.

B|Cool smiley wearing.

>:(Upset and angry.

:/Unsure or doubtful emoticon.

:'(Crying emoticon with tears.

3:)Laughing devil emoticon.

O:)A blushing angel with a halo.

:*Girl sending a kiss an winking

<3A red heart emoticon.

^_^Kekeke happy emoticon.

-_-Annoyed, sighing or bored.

o.OConfused or WTF emoticon.

>:OUpset, angry or shouting

:vA Pacman emoticon.

:3Cat faced smiley.

:putnam:Christopher Putnam.

Below are more animated codes which are not officially supported by facebook. These are tricked items. So how it is being tricked.. we will discus later below. Now just paste the numbers below with double brackets on your facebook chat and see the magic. This will not work in comments.



So what is the trick??

The trick is the modification facebook  gimmick feature which posts your profile picture inside the chat.

All you have to copy any facebook profile user name or profile url number and paste  inside chat box with double brackets.

Example: Yours friends profile URL is . So you have to paste[[akhsya.kumar]] into the chat box and hit enter.

But friends this is not enough . We can have gangnam style dancing inside your friends chat box..

How! by superimposing many profile images to create a bigger picture.

For this we have to take the help of a website which generates facebook smiley codes from a bigger photo.

>>Go to the website

>>  Upload a image

>> Get the codes and

>> Paste into the facebook

That’s all.

By this way I have generated code for Shahrukh Khan photo.

[[533717986671372]] [[533717996671371]] [[533717983338039]] [[533718000004704]]
[[533717993338038]] [[533718486671322]] [[533718483337989]] [[533718473337990]]
[[533718476671323]] [[533718480004656]] [[533718656671305]] [[533718660004638]]
[[533718663337971]] [[533718666671304]] [[533718670004637]] [[533718870004617]]
[[533718820004622]] [[533718813337956]] [[533718866671284]] [[533718816671289]]
[[533719040004600]] [[533719036671267]] [[533719006671270]] [[533719013337936]]

Facebook may delete some profile so you may have to generate code every time.
You can also send memes to your friends. Some meme codes are listed below.
<<<expired so deleted>>
Lastly you can generate animated letters for your text messages by using this link.

Increase Facebook comment box plugin height

Hi friends welcome back after 6 months. My last post was about e commerce sites 6 months before. It indicates my laziness towards blogging. ha ha .

This time I came here not to give you any solution rather seek your support. Yes I need your support badly.

I am  working on a new project which is a infotainment blog. And the problem is that I am not able to increase the height of the Facebook comment box (where visitors will put their comments) plugin. The reason why I want to increase the height, because a bigger void space will motivate visitors to write something. As visitors already logged in by facebook they definitely say some thing about my post. I googled and searched every where and tried to contact  facebook and wordpress but there was no solution. So I decided to ask you great mind.  Please put you valuable ideas.

The good thing is that comments by facebook plugin are indexed by google. Which means if some one comments something on your blog using facebook comment blog then the words in that comment will be indexed in google as contents of your website.

Enjoy a Happy New Year 2013 .