Earn money by Twitting, less effort more bucks

Twitter is micro blogging platform which have integrated social networking feature. Twitting is much easier than blogging and search engines more often crawl and index twitter updates. Big companies and celebrities jumping to twitter, to keep in touch with their customers/fans.

Monetize Your Twitter Profile:
The bad thing is that you can't place your adsense codes on your twitter profile. Here I am giving some websites which will pay you for twitting.
1. be-a-magpie.com
2. twittad.com
How Does These works:You have to sign up and place your profiles on one of these sites >> advertiser catch you by your timeline/ number of followers/ topics etc >> you post occasional tweets about the advertisers >> you get paid by paypal.

Tips on Increasing Twitter Followers and Updates:
1.Integrate Twitter with friendfeed and allow it to publish your online activity.
2.Integrate Twitter with facebook to publish your status message.
3.Another easier way for increasing followers count is fastfollowers.com . You have to just follow other quality members and other member will follow you. It is very simple and you can increase followers count very fast. If you don't want to follow others, then become a paid member. Get more twitter followers by fastfollowers.com .