set up a professional website - all free

It's a common man's dream that he will set up a website by his name; but provided it must be free.
But most of the service providers; claiming free website ; their main aim is to advertise their service.
I'm going to tell you a ways to set up a free website easily without any forced advertisements .

To set up a website you need two things 1. Domain name 2. Hosting space

  1. Free Web Hosting Provider: There are thousands of websites claiming free hosting. But I am going to tell you one which is reliable , that is , which comes with 5 GB disc space and 50GB monthly bandwidth and many more features.
    Go to >> Sign up with your e-mail and personal details >> Go to your email inbox and confirm the the mail>> Return to >> Go to "File manger" page >> delete the default "index.html" page >> Create a new file named index.html >> Upload your photos, flash file, video files etc and compose .html files to complete your website building process .
    Now your website is ready with a sub-domain like .
  • Free Domain Name Provider: To get a free domain name go to >> Register your desire [example:] domain name ( if available ) >> Sign up with your e-mail id and personal details >> Go to your email inbox and confirm the the mail>> return back to >> log in and go to "My account" >> Click set up >> Check "Manage DNS" >> In "name server 1" field put "" and in "name server 2" field put "" >> Click "set up domain" .
    Now return back to >> Go to "account profile" page (after logging in) >> Go to "add your own domain" field >> put "" >> Click "add/remove my domain now".
    Now your website can be accessed at , and you can change your site contents at

Hooray you are all DONE. Wait for maximum 48 hours for Name Server changes.
After 2 days tell the world about your Lovely website .
Update: With you can get a custom domain for blogger/blog*spot hosted blogsite , custom domain for microsoft live services and google apps email and more services.
Update: is the best free webhosting which is better than 000webhsot and 110mb .
Note: This post is NOT influenced by money from any of the above mentioned websites.