set up a professional website - all free

It's a common man's dream that he will set up a website by his name; but provided it must be free.
But most of the service providers; claiming free website ; their main aim is to advertise their service.
I'm going to tell you a ways to set up a free website easily without any forced advertisements .

To set up a website you need two things 1. Domain name 2. Hosting space

  1. Free Web Hosting Provider: There are thousands of websites claiming free hosting. But I am going to tell you one which is reliable , that is , which comes with 5 GB disc space and 50GB monthly bandwidth and many more features.
    Go to >> Sign up with your e-mail and personal details >> Go to your email inbox and confirm the the mail>> Return to >> Go to "File manger" page >> delete the default "index.html" page >> Create a new file named index.html >> Upload your photos, flash file, video files etc and compose .html files to complete your website building process .
    Now your website is ready with a sub-domain like .
  • Free Domain Name Provider: To get a free domain name go to >> Register your desire [example:] domain name ( if available ) >> Sign up with your e-mail id and personal details >> Go to your email inbox and confirm the the mail>> return back to >> log in and go to "My account" >> Click set up >> Check "Manage DNS" >> In "name server 1" field put "" and in "name server 2" field put "" >> Click "set up domain" .
    Now return back to >> Go to "account profile" page (after logging in) >> Go to "add your own domain" field >> put "" >> Click "add/remove my domain now".
    Now your website can be accessed at , and you can change your site contents at

Hooray you are all DONE. Wait for maximum 48 hours for Name Server changes.
After 2 days tell the world about your Lovely website .
Update: With you can get a custom domain for blogger/blog*spot hosted blogsite , custom domain for microsoft live services and google apps email and more services.
Update: is the best free webhosting which is better than 000webhsot and 110mb .
Note: This post is NOT influenced by money from any of the above mentioned websites.


  1. thanks for the tutorial :)

  2. Setup professional website nice..I own a professional website for my Business ..It working nice ratins good in google becaz of the Good Domain name Registration in

  3. I feel provides much better free hosting.
    7 GB space and 250 GB monthly bandwidth.

  4. Farlando DiengdohMarch 18, 2010 at 7:56 PM

    I agree with you about
    I have a domain and since I can't get the MX Record straight I'm using Google apps for email. Hence I have to sacrifice 3.5 GB of space and 45 GB bandwith from Is there a way around that to get everything working? Meaning:
    Hosting -->
    Domain -->
    Email, Cal etc --> Google apps

  5. Reply @ Farlando Diengdoh >> may help you.

  6. Farlando DiengdohApril 1, 2010 at 10:32 PM

    Reply @ Devi Mahapatra

    Thanks for your reply but I guess I've found a better deal than So its goodbye zymic and hellow

    May be you too could try this. Its really a cool host with 7+G of space and ~240GB of bandwidth. At first I didn't bellieve it until I tried. They have MX records and CName settings. The only limitation is the ftp account. More good thing is I don't have to post a forum to be activated just instant activation. And the support, you're gonna love their support. Only condition is, one unique visitor every month. I guess I can live with that.

    Key feature:

    So finally I've got what I wanted.

    Last but not the least: Thanks the anonymous post that lead me to

  7. Reply @ Farlando Diengdoh >>
    But I fear all these free webhosts because of no service guarantee. They may stop their service at any time and you have to pay big to save your hard work.

    Hey, your website theme/template is very good.

  8. Farlando DiengdohApril 4, 2010 at 1:55 AM

    Reply @ Devi Mahapatra

    Yes what you said was right. So that's why I kept backup copies on local server(Test Server at Home) which includes Databases too.

    Anyway thanks for the comment on my website. Frankly, this is the 5th time that I've redesigned my website, and has learn a lot from that. I didn't use any template its all my work from scratch. Now trying to design another one as a second template.

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