Search Friends Directly from your Orkut Home Page

One of recent update from orkut that now you can search your friends directly from the home page.

Now a days orkut is rolling out new features daily. One of the hot feature is you can search your friends from your home page . A search button is on the above of my friends list (see image). As before you have to go to yours friends page and have to type the friends name and hit enter. But this widget suggests the friends as you type 2 or 3 letters.

Other recent feature added by orkut are mentioned below >>
> Scraps text inside email.
> Stop others finding you on orkut by searching your email.
> Share photo with only selected friends.
> Chat with your friends right inside orkut page.
> Scheduled events , create and invite your friends.
> Photo comments in Updates.
> Conversation feature in scraps.
and more....

Trace mobile phone location . Mobile phone directory

Now you can find out from where the caller is calling you , his/her location, state, service provider. etc..

Just go to >> enter the mobile number >> get location.
Actually it is not tracing , You can only find out the service provider and state.
This service is only for Indian Mobile numbers .

Due to lack of time I am not ble to write on some intresting services / hot tricks.
How ever I am giving you the direct links here. Browse and enjoy...

>> Create your own unique mobile identity
>> Mobile Site Builder
>> Now running movies shows in your city
>> Search for Indian Govt Sites
>> Google search by SMS
>> Official Gmail Desktop aplication
>> Google SMS channels/groups
>> Find that word that you've been thinking about all day but just can't seem to remember ( help to spell the word )
>> Read emails via sms

Google search by SMSing; No GPRS required and free of cost.

Google launched its innovatory search option by standard text messaging for Indian mobile users. Like before for U.S. mobile users it is easy, convenient and cheap.

You just have send your search queries to 9773300000 and get search results filtered by your location also. For example type cricket score and send to 9773300000 you will get latest cricket scores by sms. type movies delhi >> send to 9773300000 >> you will get now showing movies in delhi . For more details type help and send to 9773300000 or visit

This service is available for all operators including CDMA operators and you will be only credited for sending standard sms charges(less than Rs 1). Receiving the results is free of cost. Try now, it's very interesting .

Is your desired user name available on different websites? check now

Hundreds of new websites requiring you to sign up for using their services. So you need a common user name for all these site. But the common user name must available with all those websites.
But with the service provided by you can check in seconds that whether your default user name available or not over hundreds of popular Web 2.0 sites. Its a very good service and number of websites where the user name is to be check is increasing day by day. and; new domains for yahoo mail

Two new email domains names are available to register with yahoo mail. These are and

" " can you guess which email service I am using?
Yes its yahoo, the most popular free email service provider.
I think it is just to compete with microsoft's (hotmail and livemail) feature which can be found at is a portal by microsoft where you can found emails names like or etc.. but actually it is hotmail.
Similar features can be seen at
But the demerit of hotmail and services is lack of POP3.

Msn, hotmail,, msn meessenger these sister sites are familiar with these blah blah domains, but yahoo messenger is not yet ready to signed in by

Google Health - keep your health records , get information and more...

Glad to inform you about the launch of new google service which lets you tackle your health problems called as google health.

Google Health puts you in charge of your health information. It's safe, secure, and free.

>Organize your health information all in one place
>Gather your medical records from doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies
>Keep your doctors up-to-date about your health
>Be more informed about important health issues
go to Google Health

or take a quick tour

Update: Google health has been discontinued. 

Read your Emails and Orkut scraps inside your mobile inbox ; FREE SMSservice

This is one of the things that we all Indians have been waiting for and could have thought that this could be possible. Now here it is to everyone.

  • Now a very simple way has been found through which you can get your orkut scraps / emails your mobile phones via SMSs.
  • No need of GPRS or WAP or internet connection on your mobile phones.
  • No need of a hi-fi mobile phone.
  • Just a simple cell phone needed which can receive SMSs. Thats it.
  • No charges involved. It is totally FREE.

This is a very cool hack which will enable you to receive your scraps on your mobiles via SMS. This hack may be very helpful for those who are on a vacation and cannot log in to their account gain and again to check their scraps/emails. What's the best part? You get all the updates on your mobile and you don't spend a single penny except that one time initial registration fee (merely RS 1) .

This is a simple trick (hack) come to alive by the services provided by

  • (free SMS delivery client website foe indian mobile users)
  • (Converts orkut scraps and community messages into web feeds)
  • (blog publishing platform by google)

Getting emails as SMS :(skip this step if you are only interested for scraps )Step 1(A) : Go to >> Log in / Sign up >> create a blog ( which can be found at ) >> Go to that blog "setting" >> "email" >> in the "mail-to-blogger" address field set your secret id (let xyz ) >> check "publish mails immediately" . Now your mail-to-blogger id will be like go back to blog settings >> formatting >> set "show no of posts" to 0 (zero) .

Step 1(B): Now we have to forward our emails to the mail-to-blogger address .

To do this action in >> Go to gmail "settings" >> "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" >> in the " Forward a copy of incoming mail to " field put mail-to-blogger id ( i.e. ) >> Click "Save changes".

To do this action in yahoo mail >> Go to yahoo mail "options" >> "mail options" >> POP and Forwarding >> Check forwarding >> put mail-to-blogger id ( i.e. ) >> save changes >> visit your blog >> click the confirmation link .

Now your emails are hosted at the URL like . Copy This address to clip board.

.................. ( Read final Final Step 2.)

Getting Orkut scraps as SMS:
Step 1 :To get scraps as SMS , first we have to covert our scrap into web feeds. To do this we need help of the website by rahul bansal.

The feed URL of your scrap book will be like this

Replace the value after uid%3D with your orkut userID ( what is userID ? Login to your orkut account and click on your profile itself. You will get your orkut id on the address bar. Like in my case. So 7722318294737682090 is my unique userID )

Copy your scrap feed URL to clip board.

.................. ( Read final Final Step 2.)
The Final Step (Step 2 ) :You have to register for an account in

To register, sms REG yourCityName to 098453 98453

You will receive your password immediately

Now go to and log in with your mobile number and password

To get emails as SMS >> Go to Feed Management Page >> Go to "Add Feed" >> In the "name" field put "email" and in the "URL" field put ( From step 1.B) >> Check send SMS >> click create AND YOU ARE ALL DONE.

To get scraps as SMS>> Go to Feed Management Page >> Go to "Add Feed" >> In the "name" field put "scraps" and in the "URL" field put [update: script is not working anymore]( From step 1) >> Check send SMS >> click create AND YOU ARE ALL DONE.


  • Scraps/emails sent to you via sms are 5-6 hours late.
  • The word limit is 71. So you wont get to read the full scrap/email if it exceeds 71 words.
  • This hack wont work if your scrapbook is locked or blog set as private.
  • This whole trick/process is for Indian cell users only.
  • If You are using email services which don't provide ( hotmail/live mail, zapak, rediff, indiatimes ) mail forwarding option ; you can't read them in your mobile.
  • The emails that you are auto forwarding to must be less than 10 MB in size.

Google advanced search - new look and with new advanced search options

Yesterday when I was trying google advanced search to get ".swf" extension files, got to see that the page has a new look with new search options like date , usage rights and more. The advanced search page has beta like appearance which shows your search terms as complete search operator list. As lots of people don't know the benefits of advanced search I am listing these below. With Advanced Search, you can search only for pages:

  • that contain ALL the search terms you type in
  • that contain the exact phrase you type in
  • that contain at least one of the words you type in
  • that do NOT contain any of the words you type in
  • written in a certain language
  • created in a certain file format
  • that have been updated within a certain period of time
  • that contain numbers within a certain range
  • within a certain domain, or website
  • that don't contain "adult" material

set up a professional website - all free

It's a common man's dream that he will set up a website by his name; but provided it must be free.
But most of the service providers; claiming free website ; their main aim is to advertise their service.
I'm going to tell you a ways to set up a free website easily without any forced advertisements .

To set up a website you need two things 1. Domain name 2. Hosting space

  1. Free Web Hosting Provider: There are thousands of websites claiming free hosting. But I am going to tell you one which is reliable , that is , which comes with 5 GB disc space and 50GB monthly bandwidth and many more features.
    Go to >> Sign up with your e-mail and personal details >> Go to your email inbox and confirm the the mail>> Return to >> Go to "File manger" page >> delete the default "index.html" page >> Create a new file named index.html >> Upload your photos, flash file, video files etc and compose .html files to complete your website building process .
    Now your website is ready with a sub-domain like .
  • Free Domain Name Provider: To get a free domain name go to >> Register your desire [example:] domain name ( if available ) >> Sign up with your e-mail id and personal details >> Go to your email inbox and confirm the the mail>> return back to >> log in and go to "My account" >> Click set up >> Check "Manage DNS" >> In "name server 1" field put "" and in "name server 2" field put "" >> Click "set up domain" .
    Now return back to >> Go to "account profile" page (after logging in) >> Go to "add your own domain" field >> put "" >> Click "add/remove my domain now".
    Now your website can be accessed at , and you can change your site contents at

Hooray you are all DONE. Wait for maximum 48 hours for Name Server changes.
After 2 days tell the world about your Lovely website .
Update: With you can get a custom domain for blogger/blog*spot hosted blogsite , custom domain for microsoft live services and google apps email and more services.
Update: is the best free webhosting which is better than 000webhsot and 110mb .
Note: This post is NOT influenced by money from any of the above mentioned websites.

New feature in Orkut: Organise your photos in different Albums

As the new year begins orkut developers added new feature by which you can organise your
photos in different albums like "my birth day party photos", "school time photos", "miscellaneous" etc. To get this feature click on photos like [ left column of home page/profile page] , you will redirected to a page where you have to give the album name and then description. After that upload your photo to the album and chose a photo to make it album cover . Yo.. happy orkutting.

Hey! Don't forget to participate on the on going orkut poll and survey, which lead us to enjoy more new features on orkut.