Send / receive emails from others mail id, trick to cheat some 1 &/orkeep your self safe

When some one left without signing out from his/her mail box , you can receive his /her mails in your mail box & send emails to his/her friends/others as if he/ she sent that email for life time.
yaa that's true. by using the services provided by gmail u can do this....

process 1: how to receive his emails afterwards
if he/she uses gmail:
go to setting >> forwarding & POP >> check forwarding option >> enter your email id>> save settings, thats all . you will receive emails in your in box that are sent to his/her id
if he/she use yahoo mail:
go to options [right up corner]>> check forwarding box >> enter your email id click save>> go to your in box >> check mail>> click on confirmation email. thats will receive emails in your in box that are sent to his/her id

process2: how to send emails by his/her email address
go to your gmail>> go to settings>> click on the accounts tab>> click add another email >> enter his email id>> go to his/her inbox >> check in box >> click confirmation link
now you can send emails using his/her id from your email , go to compose mail toggle between your id and his her id i.e. you can send emails as his/her id

process3: copying his her contacts to your contacts
if he/she uses gmail:
go to contacts of his email >> click export>> go to your gmail id>> go to contacts click import. thats all
if he/she use yahoo mail:
go to contacts >> click export> then in your contacts click import

Thats all. now u can send receve emails as that fellow do

How to keep your self safe from others applying these tricks on you
  • check your forwarding options in regular intervals
  • don't ever forget to sign out
Tricks can also be used for switching from other old email ids to new gmail id.

Flood your orkut friend' s scrapbook

Are your friends complying you about not sending scraps . Flood their scrapbook with 1000's of scraps
withing some minutes.....
here is the trick

  • Requirement: The person whose scrapbook you want to flood must be in your friendlist
  • Open the scrapbook of the target person.
  • Write scrap the way you normally write into the orkut scrapbox! (All kind of formatting is allowed here!)
  • Copy the following java script into the URL Bar.
Update:script is not working any more
  • Hit ENTER.
  • Close the window or press REFRESH to stop the flooding.
note: Sending more than 400 scraps at once may prevent you sending more scraps for few minutes.

orkut certified profiles >> orkut stars

Update: This feature is not available now.

Do u know some profiles in orkut are certified by the developer. These are not fake profiles.
The 'orkut-certified' symbol helps you identify which profiles are real. When you see that a profile has been 'orkut-certified,' you can be confident that they have verified the user's identity and ensured that they're following orkut Community Standards.These symbols are issued by the orkut team on an as-needed basis and are not added to profiles upon request.

Adding music player / background songs to your webpage

There are thousands of scripts . but i choose a method in which u don't need any idea of html and u don't need any server or web space to host your music files

1st u need the code for the music player. as stated earlier google gadgets is the best for this purpose . here is the gadget.

after clicking the add to your web page option we need your personal XSPF playlist URL which consists your favorite songs.

for this purpose you need to a play list which is best provided by
sign up for a account>> create a pod cast >>Edit in Odeo Studio>> link to audio [ here you can add your favorite song url hosted by other sites )
now your podcast is ready to publish .

get the podcast url like

now add this url to the google gadget
get the code and publish .........

hey in the gad get u will find a option auto play on/off
by choosing "on" song will start playing when the page loads...


Remove the blogger NavBar

To hide the Blogger NavBar paste this CSS definition in the top of the template code:

#navbar-iframe {
height: 0px;
visibility: hidden;
display: none;

                  <.......paste the code here........>

Remove the code to show it again.

Google gadgets ; all fun stuffs in one page

Google provides thousands of interesting gadgets which can be add to
1. your personalized google home page
2.your website/blog

Let us 1st discuss about personalized home page.
You can find gadgets about news, tools , communication, fun & games , finances , sports, lifestyle, technology from here. You can also google search for the item or brows from new & most popular categories.
click here to go to the personalized home page. sign in and add stuffs .
Yes it is accessing all stuffs at one place.

Now adding these gadgets to your web page or blog.
follow these simple steps
>>click here
>>browse through the gadgets
>>select one
>>personalize it
>>get the HTML code
>>add to your web site or blog

Hey you can also download gadgets for your desktop from here

Sure fun guaranteed..........

orkut cute: send scrap to all and more

Update: This hack is not working any more.

As we know that most of the orkut users wish a way to send a single scrap to all your friends...
As the orkut developers yet not added the service , I found a cool software which not only provides scrap to all option , but also packed with lots of features listed below .

orkut cute is developed by Alexandre Pires and updating in progress . Till today it is version 9.4


  • Scrap all of your friends at once

  • Send one single scrap to all your community members

  • Delete multiple scraps at once

  • Change your Orkut background

  • Forum notifier (updates you on the latest community posts)

  • Scrapbook notifier

  • Anti-Virus center

  • Google Talk ,with built in online indicator

and many more.......

Update: Script is not working any more.

 click here to download and use it

happy orkutting

Adding Google Talk Inside Orkut

Few months ago, when news broke out that Google Talk and Orkut would be integrated, we were all expecting an embedded Google Talk Chatbox within Orkut (something like what we see within Gmail), but unfortunately they didn’t do that. Instead, they just added our Orkut friends are GTalk contacts and added our status message to be seen in Orkut.

Recently Google introduced a new Google Talk Gadget which could be embedded onto any blog or webpage. Making use of this gadget, ErickXavier has coded a Greasemonkey script which adds a nifty Google Talk gadget within Orkut Sidebar, which allows you to stay intouch with your buddies without installing Google Talk.

Installation: Just like any other Greasemonkey script, you need Firefox and Greasemonkey extension before attempting to install this script. Click here to install the script from our mirror (Alternatively, you can get it from Userscripts)

The Google Talk will appear just Below the Side Bar..
Source courtesy

Update: No need of this bullshit. Chat is now inbuilt in orkut.

worried about orkut blocking in school/college/office; try proxies

This is for all orkut addicts whose addiction leads their network administrator to block orkut!

Try these proxy setting sites
[in the URL field enter]
these are tested and well working

Enjoy Orkutting! ... :-)


free shorter domain names

These two sites provide shorter domain names [without forced advertisement]


.tk [with forced advertisement]


to avoid forced advertisement from .tk domain provider
point your .tk domain to domain then point it to your original site.

how i have done points to points to

Update: provide  free short subdomain like

they breath ORKUT, get more out of orkut by using these site

On these sites u will get fabulous tricks to get more fun out of
check these out by karaki

inside orkut by

devils workshop by rahul

trick friend by meetul

orkut underworld by

Hot new bollywood songs sites

Popular Music streaming site are below:

These sites are legal sites. You don't have download option.

English music streaming sites which are not available in india.

enjoy ...........

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