Flood your orkut friend' s scrapbook

Are your friends complying you about not sending scraps . Flood their scrapbook with 1000's of scraps
withing some minutes.....
here is the trick

  • Requirement: The person whose scrapbook you want to flood must be in your friendlist
  • Open the scrapbook of the target person.
  • Write scrap the way you normally write into the orkut scrapbox! (All kind of formatting is allowed here!)
  • Copy the following java script into the URL Bar.
Update:script is not working any more
  • Hit ENTER.
  • Close the window or press REFRESH to stop the flooding.
note: Sending more than 400 scraps at once may prevent you sending more scraps for few minutes.


  1. good job devi
    its really helping

    can u tell me the url of the video displayed in this post

  2. this script is shit !!!!!!!
    it dosent works if u hav nythin worth appreciatin thn pls mail me at cool_harkeerat@yahoo.com

  3. Reply 2 harsewak

    Actually it is older trick . orkut changed its code for which it is not working. If new hack will be found I will publish those here.

  4. Whats up...........

  5. [:x]i want a new flooder..
    and a working flooder..[:x]

  6. hey brother .. this flooder isnt working .. plz giv new script !

    i want to increase my scrap count ! :D

  7. flooders link like dcweb were become suspended do u have such sites??

  8. Its not Working.............

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