Google advanced search - new look and with new advanced search options

Yesterday when I was trying google advanced search to get ".swf" extension files, got to see that the page has a new look with new search options like date , usage rights and more. The advanced search page has beta like appearance which shows your search terms as complete search operator list. As lots of people don't know the benefits of advanced search I am listing these below. With Advanced Search, you can search only for pages:

  • that contain ALL the search terms you type in
  • that contain the exact phrase you type in
  • that contain at least one of the words you type in
  • that do NOT contain any of the words you type in
  • written in a certain language
  • created in a certain file format
  • that have been updated within a certain period of time
  • that contain numbers within a certain range
  • within a certain domain, or website
  • that don't contain "adult" material


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