Download and save orkut ablum photos; No need of Right Click, WonderfulHACK

As orkut developers change the code of orkut site, now you are not able to save photos of your friends. But not to worry as I am here; The simple firefox trick can do the magic.

The new code is good to protect your own photos. No body can download them and can't miss use them as mentioned before.
But this makes headache if you want to download your college photos, birthday party photos from your friends album and reload to your album. (headache for evil purpose also)

To save orkut album photos you must have to use firefox browser.
In firefox login to orkut and go to the the desired photo page which you want to download. In firefox menu bar (see photo) select Tools >> select Page Info >> select Media >> scroll Up/Down to get protected photos address >> select save as >> you are done , the image will be saved in your computer.

UPDATE:: Just drag and drop the photos to your desktop and to save orkut album photos to your hard disc ( works on both internet explorer and firefox and other browsers )


  1. nice tips
    thanks yaar

  2. nice and good post keep sharing and writing thank you

  3. Nice trick. You can also try dragging the photo to your address bar. Now the photo will open with it's actual link (link to the storage directory) and you can save the picture by right clicking on it ;)

  4. i hv been using this trick since stone age I guess !!!
    Firefox : the best browser a user can have fun with.

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  7. This trick can be used to save the copy protected photos from Orkut.

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