Welcome to the new domain; we are moved to new address 301 redirect

Hello Dear readers; welcome to the new .com address. We are now out of blogger .blogspot.com

As you can notice that ivilla.blogspot.com is now techyeh.com
Finally I have managed to purchase a custom domain name name from domain registrar. It was my dream since two and half years to purchase a TLD .com to point my tech blog but I was not able to do so because I don't have a credit card. But now I got the power of innovatory ICICI Online banking by which I have managed to purchase the domain name from net4.in. Thanks a lot to my friend Amresh Das for his support.

I was not able to write any post since I was busy in optimizing posts, widgets, SEO factors for the new techyeh.com

Keep visiting techyeh.com
and thanks for your support.


  1. Congratulation, you have had TLD, I hope I will follow your way to get TLD too, I couldn't afford this right now, maybe in the next few months.

    PS: I'm looking forward to wait your reply in my post, related free domain co.cc charged, thanks a lot.

  2. Dear Devi, I am Phani. Need help from you. Read in your site that you have moved blog to custom domain. I too have got one blog in blogger and have purchased domain in Net4.in. Could you please let me know the steps how i will direct my blog to new domain. Have searched on web, but could n't find help any where. Thanks.

  3. Reply @ Phani Goda
    >>Create a sub domain after logging into net4.in,
    >>check cname and enter the values in the given fields
    ghs.google.com www

    >>(not urgent) again from add sub domain page check A record
    and enter the following 4 values one after another
    >>log in blogger.com > go to "settings" > click on "publishing"> enter your domain name

    and you are all done.

    Keep in touch

  4. I have created a subdomain. Pls explain where to enter the 4 values (A record). By clicking on 'Subdomains : Create/Manage' or 'AR' in the main control panel?

  5. Reply @ prasanth kv
    It is 'Subdomains : Create/Manage'

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