Gmail updates: Labeling and Archving goes Easier

Gmail is the most favorite webmail service. The best feature of its is labels. Now Gmail have New ways to label with "Move to" and auto-complete options.

Many of the users don't know the use of labels. Labels do all the work folders do and give you an extra bonus: you can add more than one to a conversation. Once you've created a label, you can view all the messages with that label by searching, or by clicking the label name along the left side of any Gmail page.
Now Labeling goes better by adding a option move to in the gmail folders as you can see in the image. official post.
If you are going to archive mail under one or more labels , you can do t directly by just selecting "move to". Also there are keyboard shortcuts 'l' and 'v' to perform these actions easily. Learn more from the


  1. Yeah, Thats what we can expect from Google(Gmail). The Gmail team is developing new ways and best stuffs regularly. The "Theme" feature is the most popular one. How ever offline gmail option solved many problems. We do not need a email client like outlook or thunderbird to for storing offline mails. Again the new attractive looking and easy to organize "Multiple Inbox" feature made us more organized. I have a post on this

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