orkut photos are now right click protected ; sure fun with no tension

As you know it was very unsafe to upload your original photos to orkut as they were not right click protected , any one your enemy or else could save these images to there hard drive and misuse by publishing these photos to any where or creating a fake account which might look like your profile or by any other way which was making a lot of headache for you .But now they [developers] find the solution .

Now when the evil will try " right click then save image as " he/she find a image file has been stored in his hard drive named as " b " and yes it is a blank file .So she/he can't misuse your photos.so friends ( especially girls ) grab your mobile phone capture your lovely photos and upload these to orkut. shake the boys with no tension.

warning:photos which you will publish to album are not yet right click protected, only the main photo is right click protected.
Update:ALL photos are protected now


  1. great ideas devi
    realy it a good news for girls to publish their photo to orkut

  2. Hey Devi.

    I am now starting to see this! Sorry about that! (I thought you were referring to all images in Albums, Forum Profiles, ect.).

    I'll post about this ASAP (giving you credit of course). Thanks!


  3. great! Glad you find my post useful.

  4. no matter what protection they (orkut) provide...
    you can always use print screen to copy any thing that is on web page...

  5. heya...yo article is interesting...immediately after i went roaming... but i haven't come across a picture that i cannot grab yet...can you show me a page were this function is in effect. I think i can get round whatever snazzy gimmick they put up.

  6. @diddy47
    some days ago the hack mentioned below was working ...

    step1: finding the location of the photo:
    riht click on the small photo [thumbnail size (60x80 pixel)]
    in mozilla firefox >> select view image >> copy URL
    in internet explorer (I.E.)>> select properties >>copy URL
    step2:getting the original photo:
    now the URL is like

    now just change small to photo and click enter .

  7. hi devi.. just added you to mybloglog.. i guess any and every pic on the web can be played with:(
    girls should better be more carefull!

  8. but i have a solution for the photos to save in hard disk....Just open the photo u want to save and then press PrtSc button on ur keyboard.that is the print screen button.. And then ur whole screen is copied in ur clipboard..now goto start>programs>accessories and open paint.now press edit and paste..then select the button named select and crop the area of the photo...and then save it in ur hard...thats it...hav a nice day..bye bye

  9. press printscreen....paste it in any image editor n crop to get d image.....no big deal!

  10. How to di it?I mean secure the image after I upload it?>

  11. @ digish
    You need not to do any thing.

  12. If u r using Firefox...
    go to
    tools -> pageinfo -> media
    there u can find n save pic of orcut.

  13. @ anonymous
    Thanks for the great trick.
    It really works.

  14. [...] code is good to protect your own photos. No body can download them and can’t miss use them as mentioned before. But this makes headache if you want to download your college photos, birthday party photos from [...]

  15. [...] code is good to protect your own photos. No body can download them and can’t miss use them as mentioned before. But this makes headache if you want to download your college photos, birthday party photos from [...]

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