Scrap all orkut friends on a go (NEW version)

To send a common scrap to all your orkut fiends, follow these steps.

->Go to your homepage/anywhere in orkut.

->Clear the address bar .

[Address bar is the place where you type or www.orkut.cometc]
->Paste the JAVA script below in the address bar.


------------The script-------------------------------------------------



  1. WOW greate job DEVI.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. @crescentNet
    I will link you in my blog roll soon.
    If you will link me [] in your web page; its most welcome .

  3. Yep... Thanks Devi 4 link exchange!
    I have already added ur link in sidebar... :-)

    -Rahul from Devils Workshop

  4. happy new year 2008 to all my friend

  5. thats for the nice little orkut scraps tricks .. now can scrap all my orkut friends (:

  6. N.B: This hack acts no more..

  7. gonna mad no trick working ff fldng : :

  8. Very useful because scrap friend book list to convert into a new version.

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