Place a "SMS me" button on your blog/website

You can place a SMS button on on your blog so that your blog reader may send you comments and
suggestions directly to your mobile for free. This can be done by the following ways.
1.By talking advantage of chikka and google talk integration.
  • Sign up for a chikka talk id with your mobile number.
[ To register create an SMS message in this format:

IM R Then send it to 58888

Example: IM R Devi Mahapatra ]

  • Place the HTML code below to you blog. Change [country_code_your_mobile_no] to your mobile number.
When a visitor clicks on the the "SMS me (via google)"google talk will be poped up ; after typing when he will hit the enter button u will get the messaage on your mobile instantly.

2.Via Yahoo messenger.
  • Add your mobile number to yahoo messenger. [ Go to main menu>> sign in to mobile device>> register your mobile number and country>> enter verification code ]
  • Place the HTML code below to your blog.
When a visitor clicks on the the "SMS me (via yahoo)"Yahoo messenger will be poped up ; after typing when he will hit the enter button u will get the message on your mobile instantly.


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